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Animal Welfare is in a human caused Crisis...

Right now in animal welfare, we are in a literal crisis. This is the worst it has ever been.  


It is an intentional choice to have a pet and should be seriously, carefully, and thoughtfully done with an unwavering lifetime commitment

We, along with every single Rescue and Shelter, are full, operating beyond capacity, and are all completely overwhelmed due to the unprecedented number of people choosing to rehome their pets. 

This is not a “rescue or shelter won’t help you” issue.  This is a "humans are not being proactive and ensuring they are able to commit to their pet(s) for their entire lifetime" issue. In combination with pet owners not being responsible and keeping their pets, spaying and neutering them, thus resulting in unwanted litters AND animals being produced by irresponsible breeders for profit we are in an unwanted animal overpopulation crisis.

There is absolutely no way for rescues and shelters to be able to keep up with the sheer number of animals being intentionally displaced by their people. As much as we want to, there is absolutely no way for us to be able to save them all. 

It starts with YOU being responsible and proactive by:


  • Having an honest conversation with yourself and your entire household to ensure you are able to fulfill the commitment to a pet for their lifetime and provide everything they need.

  • Researching the breed you are considering and understanding what that breed MUST have and the time and effort they need.

  • Being responsible and ALWAYS spaying/neutering your pets. There are 4,110 dogs and cats who are euthanized EVERY DAY IN THE US who are homeless and unwanted. Every hour of every day 171 dogs and cats die because of human irresponsibility caused overpopulation. 

  • Being responsible and ALWAYS making sure your pets are FULLY vaccinated.  

  • Proactively training, socializing, and exposing your dog and ensuring you are doing everything to help them become their very best self.

  • Making sure you can afford, at minimum the expected and potential unexpected expenses that can happen with a pets.

  • Addressing ALL behavioral concerns the FIRST time it occurs either with an experienced behavioral trainer. If you would like more information you can send us an email.

  • Having a plan in place should anything happen to you.

  • Having a plan in place should anything happen to your pet.

  • Having a plan in place should anything happen to your living situation.


Shelters and rescues are inundated every single day with requests to help dogs and it is difficult enough for us to help dogs without behavioral issues, let alone dogs with them. 

Something people must realize and understand is there is no miracle "sanctuary for a dog to run and live out their life" it doesn't exist.


There is COST when/if a rescue/shelter commits to taking just ONE  aggressive/behavioral/reactive dog who potentially can never be safely adopted. That one behavioral dog literally comes at the cost of countless lives of dogs who do not have behavioral issues who desperately need help and can be safely adopted.

Any animal that poses a significant and real threat to the life or safety of any human or animal is a liability.

People tend to be complacent about behavioral issues and allow them to build over time and wait until they are so frustrated and exacerbated that they are wanting someone else to take on the problem that was created and allowed in their home. 


Typically people do not address a behavioral issue at the very onset of it immediately with a professional trainer or by doing copious amounts of research, gaining the knowledge, putting in the work, managing all potential risks by taking precautions, putting in the effort, and doing the work. 


If you are having behavioral difficulties, please send us a message by clicking the contact us page and we will send you a compilation of information, precautions to take, resources (free and paid) on how to address and manage a dog with behavioral issues.

If you are choosing to rehome your pet you should bare that responsibility and place them yourself.

Making sure they are spayed/neutered, fully vaccinated, and microchipped BEFORE you rehome them.


You can create a profile on the Home to Home website which is 




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