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R4A Frequently Asked Questions

What do we feed our R4A dogs?



We are HUGE proponents of feeding the best food that you can afford. The better your dog's diet the healthier they will be and, hopefully, the longer they will live!


Our foster dogs are fed NutriSource Turkey & Rice, Trout & Rice, or 


If you are wondering how your dogs food rates check it out on

What about "chewies"?



For "chewies" things for dogs to gnaw on I use beef marrow bones. You can buy them at the grocery store in the freezer section or from a local butcher.


I give them to the dogs FROZEN. Giving it to them frozen make it last longer and also the raw bone and bone marrow have amazing nutritiional benefits for them! These work great for megaesophagus dogs too!


After they finish them you can either restuff them with wet dog food or peanut butter then freeze them again and give them the treat in their create :) 


I also buy bullysticks at Costco you can get a package of 12, I use garden sheers to cut them in half to last longer as they tend to be more expensive. I occassionally will give them antlers when I find sheds while we are out hiking. 

Need a Veterinarian?

Indian Trail Animal Hospital has been the R4A veterinary office since we began.


They are my personal veterinarian for my animals and our R4A furkids get the best so they go there too! If you want an amazing vet they are #1 in my book!


Give them a call: 509.468.8387 and tell them Rescue4All referred you!

Indian Trail Animal Hospital R4A Rescue4All spokane vet veterinarian

Do you need to get your Pet(s) Spayed or Neutered? Vaccinated? Microchipped?

The Spokane Humane Society clinic provides low cost access to affordable vaccinations, micro-chipping and spaying or neutering. 


To have your pet Spayed or Neutered Surgeries are by appointment only, call to schedule an appointment (509) 467-5235 ext. 219


They have a walk-in vacccination clinic on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 4PM–5PM



Need a Dog Trainer?


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